Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Advice on cleaning and pre-anal prep

"How do I get my girl prepped for anal. I finally convinved her to give it a try, but she is concerned about the hygiene. Does she have to use an enema first? What do you do to prep for your anal scenes?

Thanx Anal Curious"

"Dear Anal Curious
When I 1st did anal I did not prep much in my personal life...
it depends on the girl... if she is pretty regular she probably does not need to stress to much about it...
If she uses an enema then do it early, way before having sex bc it can be a shit disturber and give her stomach cramps, nausea, runs, anal leakage.......
or all of the above...
I recommend dumping out the solution replacing it with warm bottled water and rinsing with the warm water until expelled ass juice is clear... I use an enema bag, I bought it at walgreens. I fill it with water for over an hour continually rinsing my ass out until the water is coming out clear... I also don't eat for at least 8hrs. before anal scenes but once I'm clean I eat. I also take imodium on occasion.
Just be sure to start very slow, use lot's of lube! preferably platinum wet or ero's. You may want to buy an anal beginners kit with various size butt plugs from the size of a finger up.
When anal is done right it is very pleasurable, but when done wrong it can be extremely painful... so again ease into it & take your time... good luck : ) xoxo

What does ATM taste like?

rotten stomach vapor!
haven't you ever tongue fucked an asshole? or kissed a chick after she ATM'd your dick?
Honestly it don't taste like shit!
Once an asshole is cleaned out it has a natural lubrication it has no taste or smell.. if anything it is a little salty....
that is what ATM taste like. u should try it some time.
"You scream, I scream, we all scream for ass cream!!

Who's tushy?

Hey all you perverts and pervette's! I'm your pervalicious Ho Flower Tucci!!
Cumming at you from Cali or as I say Porn Valley. In real talk' right out of my ass!
Yes that's right! " A true anal love story.... I will be sharing with you the dirty details of my nasty, filthy, dirty deeds and adventures in my everyday life as a smut whore!! so stay tuned....