Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hopeless Hypocrite vs. Fallen Women

Hopeless Hypocrite,
The psychology of porn stars intrigues me. I have heard the term "fallen woman" used before to describe the females. If we were to label these women as "whores" and "sluts", there must be a natural purpose for them. The human race needs women like this to balance out any possible low birth rates from other women who choose to be monogamous or not have sex. It's like the movie "Idiocracy" where all the smart people aren't having kids. Loose people are important at continuing the human race.

But I wonder what their version of "love" is?

Flower Tucci,
Everyone has sex. Some marry & have sex all the time, some marry & don't have sex at all.
Whats the difference between a woman who has sex with 1 guy 1,000x & a girl who has sex with 1,000 guy's once? They are both equally loose right?
As far as "idiocracy" People/non-performers in "real" life are just as likely if not more likely to get pregnant, STD's & HIV.
Adult performers test regularly for all of the above & use forms of birth control + lot's of anal. FYI most performers DO NOT do internal pops. So your analogy is glib.
Why are people so judgmental? Porn stars help a lot of people feel good. We help a lot of people create & live their sexual fantasies.
Porn is legal. I'm not doing anything illegal. I don't sell my body on the street. Geesh I sell my soul to the world. I hide NOTHING!!
Those who live in glass houses shouldn't cast stones.... believe me we all live in glass houses.

Hopeless Hypocrite,
I agree with you to an extent. I see it both ways. On one hand, I watch/have watched porn. I am thankful in the sense that I can masturbate without having to go have sex, get a girl pregnant, catch a disease, etc. That is a good thing. On the other hand, I do believe it desensitizes society in regards to intimacy. There isn't a whole lot of "intimate" porn; it's most the bang-away type of stuff.

Myself, I'm not frequently sexual unless it's with the absolute right person, then I am very sexual. So some people are just more extroverted and sexual.

What do you think of that? And also, what is your definition of love? How can you have sex with someone you care about and have it be different? Or do you get more passionate with non-sexual relationships?

Flower Tucci,
Honestly, as an active performer I don't date. I don't even have the time for a relationship.
Of course I meet people I connect with and have great non-sex & sexual relationships. I'm naturally a passionate person, so no loved lost here... there is so much more to a relationship then sex, or at least for me...
Sex on camera and sex off camera is completely different. On camera you have to be aware of where the camera is & opening up so they can get the shots they need. In real life I can enjoy my partner.
As for my definition of love "unconditional". Everyone deserves to be respected & loved no matter what choices they make or have made. I find these days I have 90% of my sex on camera & It's not always with men, some g/g some solo. I'm not an amateur porn star, I've been in the biz for 8yrs. I have over 400+ videos. I have my own endorsements and productions.
I travel around the World filming, making personal appearances, I meet a lot of great people, I make good money, I'm self sufficient, I have won several AVN awards for my performances. I'm a successful performer that will most likely become a successful director/producer.

Hopeless Hypocrite,
But how deeply have you loved? How is love-sex different than work-sex? More kissing? Slower? I have heard of stars in relationships and I guess they are in relationships with other stars. Those would probably be the only people who would accept their lovers jobs. Most non-stars get possessive with each-other. I guess stars are more open and free?

I guess being judgemental is society's way of enforcing morals and ethics upon people through peer pressure. But obviously there is a market for porn, as people do buy it and watch it.

Flower Tucci,
I love... I have loved.... and I continue to love. "We Are All One love" .
I have never seriously dated a male performer. I prefer not to be emotionally invested with men whom I work with and have to continue to work with. Keeping distance leads to excitement and keeps are sex scenes raw and hot!
A lot of adults find adult entertainment entertaining, adult video stores are the "toys r us" for adults. A lot of couples role play, swing, bdsm, etc.
The "porn" industry makes more money than the NFL, NBA,NBL, NHL, WNBA combined. So yes !! A lot of Adults around the world entertain themselves with porn & porn related products.
I have my own "morals" & "ethics". I'm probably more moral & ethic then most..... I just have sex on camera with about 50 different male performers.
So women who are promiscuous and have sex for free off camera who tell you they rarely have sex are more ethic & moral?
but a woman who tests regularly, puts her whole self out there on film, nothing to hide and shoots 1 to 3 sex scenes a week with a tested partner for 1.5+k per scene, has no ethics or morals?
Hmm have you ever thought that maybe women who do porn are less likely to be promiscuous in society? because 90% of the time if we aren't getting paid $$$$ we aren't getting laid! I just think as a "single" woman I'm smarter.
I choose to remain single while I'm an active performer as "my choice" I have and have had civilian men (non-porn star) who want to be in a committed relationship with me, etc.
I'm a grown woman. I know what I want in life. I enjoy living "my" life. I live for me & NO one else by my own code of morals & ethics as u seem to think we "porn" people lack. How many adult film stars do you know personally? "peer pressure" I out grew that when I graduated high school, lol.

Hopeless Hypocrite,
You make some great points. There's no denying the reality that people are more promiscuous than they like to admit. Most cultures seem to have this streak of puritanical ideals but their behavior is very different behind closed doors.

I guess it comes down to the fact that I am a much more introverted, spiritual, Romantic (in the classical sense) student of love. You seem to be more of the extroverted, physical, sexual type, opposites attract and these types are so interesting to me. I am shy, at this point I can't imagine myself having sex in public or with strangers watching. It has to have a very deep personal meaning for me, almost religious, that's probably why I don't mind going without it for years if I can't find the right person who lets me be free to explore Love alone like I need to.

I worked for an internet company for several years and went to the conventions, knew the scene, went to the parties, knew some stars, etc. It just wasn't my type of thing but that different world does interest me.

But don't you agree that todays porn is just so....physical? And that intimacy, sensuality and mental/emotional connections are slightly harmed? Or maybe that's what romantic films are for, eh?

Kudos to you for doing what you want.

Flower Tucci,
Instead of judging the performers who deliver the ingredients for the product the consumer buys, why don't you judge all the people who demand the product? the consumer. We only produce what people want to see & therefore buy.
You ask "If sex isn't something you save for just one special person, what do you have with them" I would hope we would have each others hearts....

Let's say there is a couple in love, one day one of them is in a terrible accident & unable to be sexually functional? They will never have sex with each other again. Is the love for each other over? What do they have now?
What if the man can no longer perform, have sex. But he misses seeing his wife get off and wants to watch another man have sex with his wife so he can enjoy watching her get off? There is so much more to love than sex.

Sorry I don't have all the answers for you.
Just keep in mind doing porn is my job. the biz is what you make it. It can be good or bad. My choice. I choose for it to be good.
One day I will retire my thong & life will go on...

It is obvious this is not a debate to be won. I came across the first comment in a talk thread and I could not resist sharing my thought's and opinions.
I felt that hopeless hypocrite was ignorant in his statements.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Advice on cleaning and pre-anal prep

"How do I get my girl prepped for anal. I finally convinved her to give it a try, but she is concerned about the hygiene. Does she have to use an enema first? What do you do to prep for your anal scenes?

Thanx Anal Curious"

"Dear Anal Curious
When I 1st did anal I did not prep much in my personal life...
it depends on the girl... if she is pretty regular she probably does not need to stress to much about it...
If she uses an enema then do it early, way before having sex bc it can be a shit disturber and give her stomach cramps, nausea, runs, anal leakage.......
or all of the above...
I recommend dumping out the solution replacing it with warm bottled water and rinsing with the warm water until expelled ass juice is clear... I use an enema bag, I bought it at walgreens. I fill it with water for over an hour continually rinsing my ass out until the water is coming out clear... I also don't eat for at least 8hrs. before anal scenes but once I'm clean I eat. I also take imodium on occasion.
Just be sure to start very slow, use lot's of lube! preferably platinum wet or ero's. You may want to buy an anal beginners kit with various size butt plugs from the size of a finger up.
When anal is done right it is very pleasurable, but when done wrong it can be extremely painful... so again ease into it & take your time... good luck : ) xoxo

What does ATM taste like?

rotten stomach vapor!
haven't you ever tongue fucked an asshole? or kissed a chick after she ATM'd your dick?
Honestly it don't taste like shit!
Once an asshole is cleaned out it has a natural lubrication it has no taste or smell.. if anything it is a little salty....
that is what ATM taste like. u should try it some time.
"You scream, I scream, we all scream for ass cream!!

Who's tushy?

Hey all you perverts and pervette's! I'm your pervalicious Ho Flower Tucci!!
Cumming at you from Cali or as I say Porn Valley. In real talk' right out of my ass!
Yes that's right! " A true anal love story.... I will be sharing with you the dirty details of my nasty, filthy, dirty deeds and adventures in my everyday life as a smut whore!! so stay tuned....